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Modeled some dual scythes based off a picture I drew. A bit over polyed, but meh. 

Modeled in 3DS Max

Happy birthday John and Jane and happy 4/13! guess what Hussie gave us!:

Song: One of us by Dave Pagurek van Mossel

Art © 

-sorry for the tidal wave that is Homestuck today I am really excited- 

Here have some art of my fan ancestor The Wretched

Track: 4/13 Homestuck Mash Up
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Happy 4/13 everyone!

I made a mash up of some of my favorite Homestuck songs for 4/13, I hope you enjoy!

(It may be too loud at some points it’s hard for me to tell I didn’t have functional headphones to check or not)

Drew this a few months back and decided to finally line and color it. 

From left to Right: Helren as Rin(Free!), Protar as Bertholdt(Attack on Titan), Antara as Haru(Tsuritama), Criona as Ryuko(Kill la Kill), Strema as Satsuki(Kill la Kill)

I have an essay for college due and here I am like


Faun practice. I think I prefer biped

As I child I would only draw dragons, but soon moved on to other creatures and eventually humans. I stopped drawing dragons as often, but am going back. As I drew I realized I wanted to draw them differently and I found an amazing deviant by the name of I started to study their work and how they drew and colored their works. Their form and style really inspired me.  

Cassie (Casandra) the wolf…um husky um idk some kind of canine anthro.

She is 20 years old and currently a NEET ( Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Mooching off of her wealthy father. Though that will come to an end soon and then Cassie will then be forced in a university of her fathers choice where she will meet some impeccable not so nerdy nerds who will get her into some sticky situations. *wink* 

totes lack of motivation and I need a pop filter. 

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