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Wile E. Gamzee
I really like making videos with sound effects.

Song: Rainbow Valley, Squiddles! by Homestuck 

Homestuck © Andrew Hussie
Art ©

Request: Angered by Slayer4949
prize request for amporatant for winning the icon contest for eridanfans group on dA

Izzy & Dusk ©

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Well, I’ve been meaning to do a giveaway for quite some time… and so I took some time out of my personal weekend projects to make, just for you guys, the single-most requested character I’ve gotten since I started making fanart plushes from Homestuck! So in celebration of reaching several milestones that all went by too quickly for me to celebrate (and still coming, yow!) Here it is!


  • twwo royal curvved horns 
  • savvvvy specs
  • a shock a vviolet hair proof enough a this princely heritage
  • a piercin gaze fittin only a wwell hatched troll a the sea
  • a friend for evven your most genocidal a powwwwowws
  • stunnin sense a dress enough to strike fear into evven the most foolhardy a landdwwellers 
  • a matesprit any abdicated empress to be wwould a been lucky to havve
  • powwerful wwretched wwhite science incase the wwould be empress abdicates too hard and accidentally eschewws your advvances
  • its not magic man wwe talked about this


  • Actual genocide


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I am back from my needed hiatus. I hope you all are having a great summer.
Videos will resume every Sunday with an occasional non Homestuck video on Wednesday.

Song: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

OFF © Mortis Ghost
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Alt. Title: “You guys are awesome thanks for following me” Giveaway


Check this cool shit out. Thank you guys so much for sticking by me, following my blog and being some of the coolest people a girl could consider her friends. It’s been a long ass time since I did a giveaway and here we go son. 


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Giveaway Ends August 5th, 2014. 5pm PST 

Thanks again and good luck! 

Drawn on: July 7th, 2014

Just a couple warm up sketches.

New Troll by Slayer4949

So giddy about the new troll for the game although I’m glad I’m not the only one to see his resemblance to the Striders.
(Also I like to think his shoes are boots some people think they’re socks)

A loaf of bread has been teleported onto your dash.

The Un-luckiest Bunch by Slayer4949
Can’t beleive it’s been over a year since I’ve drawn Fellix-
Mitzie is owned by

I am quite in love with her/him. Cannot wait to color Slayer.

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