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I'm Slayer49 , lil secretive person who enjoys roleplaying, gaming, anime, reading, writing, and drawing. Visit my art tag, Youtube and/or Deviantart! - Links below!

Happy birthday John and Jane and happy 4/13! guess what Hussie gave us!:

Song: One of us by Dave Pagurek van Mossel

Art © 

-sorry for the tidal wave that is Homestuck today I am really excited- 

Here have some art of my fan ancestor The Wretched


HAPPY 413 !!



nobody was buying my normal dude act anyway
Track: 4/13 Homestuck Mash Up
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Happy 4/13 everyone!

I made a mash up of some of my favorite Homestuck songs for 4/13, I hope you enjoy!

(It may be too loud at some points it’s hard for me to tell I didn’t have functional headphones to check or not)


It’s been exactly one year since…

The meteor crew arrived in the alpha session [04/13/13]


yeehaw 4/13 i tried?

Full image

4/13 => Happy birthday John!



4th wall breaking son of a bitch.

Drew this a few months back and decided to finally line and color it. 

From left to Right: Helren as Rin(Free!), Protar as Bertholdt(Attack on Titan), Antara as Haru(Tsuritama), Criona as Ryuko(Kill la Kill), Strema as Satsuki(Kill la Kill)

Song: You Are A Pirate by LazyTown

Homestuck © Andrew Hussie
Art ©

I have an essay for college due and here I am like


Faun practice. I think I prefer biped

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